Therapy Rates & Session Information

My fees are $120 for a 60 minute session (sliding scale rates may be available to those who cannt pay the full fee). My fees are not  covered by OHIP.  I offer a free 15-20 minute initial phone or Skype  consult  to answer any questions you may have about my practice and to learn about your concerns. If you are invested in starting therapy, a full session fee will apply. You should check with your own insurance company as to whether or not you are covered for psychotherapy services with a Registered Psychotherapist- many Third Party Insurances will now cover some of the costs of a Registered Psychotherapist. A note to cosider is that most plans only cover therapy to a very limited degree regardless of who is administering the  psychotherapy. 

Counselling sessions are often brief and revolve around getting advice around a specific issue. Psychotherapy is often a longer commitment and aimed at understanding present behaviors, thoughts and feelings relative to our experiences in the  past. For psychotherapy to be successful, it usually needs to happen regularly over at least 8-12 weeks- most often longer.  While short term, targeted interventions or counselling may be helpful for some issues, lasting changes usually occur from insight gained through several sessions and from active engagement in the therapeutic process.  I try to balance explorative therapy with some cognitive homework interventions or additional education for maximum impact.  Therapy is like any investment, it requires attention, time and commitment. 

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