Depression and Anxiety affect many people at various stages of our lives.  For some people these mood states are transitory and appropriate to a given situation.  For others,  we continue to struggle with these feelings or moods for a significant period of time, and they are causing difficulties in some or all area's of our lives.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an evidenced based therapy aimed at helping people understand how thoughts and feelings influence behaviors.  CBT is one of the most widely studied therapies, and has proven successful in treating people with depression (including bipoloar depression, anxiety (including OCD, panic, social, and even PTSD), anger as well as many other disorders.  CBT therapy is usually shorter term than other therapies, focus' on a specific goal the  client would like to achieve and helps provide active strategies for understanding our thoughts or changing specific behaviors.  We use active tools such as socratic questioning, thought logs, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, coping cards, exposure  and behavior experiments to actively challenge these mood states or fears. I have a certificate in CBT and  I can help you use these strategies to cope with anxiety and depression.