my practice:

I am a true believer in the expression "the past influences the present". Too often, the pains and attachment patterns from our past continue to shape the way in which we relate to the world today, and in particular, to the way we relate to the people that we are care for the most.  By having the courage to explore, understand and process the pain, we find new energy and freedom in the present, new ways to relate to those we love, and courage to move mindfully into our futures.

I am a dynamic, warm and compassionate Psychotherapist.  I have been fortunate to have spent the past 20 years helping people overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, anger, self esteem issues.  Prior to opening my private practice, I was employed for 13 years as a therapist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, working in several programmes within the Concurrent Addiction (and Mental Health) Integrated Treatment Programme. I have also interned at a Trauma Counselling Centre.

I have a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, as well as Certificates in Trauma Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy,Cognitive Processing Therapy. I am a Registered Psychotherapist which means I am accountable to the Ontario Public. I have also been a member of OACCPP  for the past 16 years. I have in addition to the Certificate Programmes above  taken several training courses in CBT, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and Trauma Therapy and am currently registered in the Pain Management Programme at the University of Alberta.  I have completed a certificate in EMDRIA approved EMDR training.  In my practice I largely engage in deeper processing of ongoing issues (psychodynamic/ "talk therapy") and EMDR, but also employ many cognitive and alternative approaches ( CBT, CPT, Gestalt,  DBT and Mindfulness). It is my experience that a combination of these modalities work best, and I match your presenting issues to Best Practices therapies. I attend ongoing clinical workshops in an effort to learn new and innovative psychotherapies.I am passionate about the work I do, and forge a lasting and meaningful connection with the clients I work with. I  believe at all time the goal is for you, the client, to feel in control of your therapy and your life.